Aloe Plant Diagnostic

So I have this aloe plant, and it used to be very happy. But recently it’s been looking worse for wear.

You can see it’s had better days

So you can see that the leaves aren’t plump and juicy. Also there appears to be browning on the offshoots, and the lower leaves are totally dying.

I’m going to be re-potting it this weekend hopefully, so I will update this post when I do that. But after some research, there appears to be a couple of problems:

  1. It needs to be repotted in the appropriate soil. Cactus/succulent mix is what it needs, and I will need to check on the drainage situation as well.
  2. Light: We recently moved, so I’m not sure if its getting enough light. The light it receives is southern, but I’m not sure if its enough so time will tell I suppose. I’m also planning to move it outside once this yucky spring weather eases up, and I think that will make it happy.
  3. Brown and shrivelled leaves = thirsty plant: I guess I haven’t been watering it enough? If you insert your finger and inch deep into the soil and it’s dry, it’s time to water it.

That’s all I got for now! I will update later on to see how the repotting goes!

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